New Shop Items~

Hey there! Fantage just released some new shop items. Let’s get started!


Hey look! Some actual nice items for nons! Wouldn’t it be better if the scarf is an individual piece? I like the Sapphire Blue Overcoat too, the colour is so pretty.


The design and pixelling is good but the prices? Come on Fantage, stop increasing the prices! I think the shoes are too overpriced. You can get something similar with the suede boots for more cheaper. There’s something similar to the red knee top boots too, and you can get that for free.


I don’t really like the style of the hairs and again they are overpriced.But at least the shading is nice.



I like these board! Especially the fierce pink board. Flat boards are great if you wanna show case your outfit. But too bad they are really pricey.


Here’s some outfit ideas:




6 thoughts on “New Shop Items~

  1. WOAH
    I actually like ALL of the outfit ideas you put up there! (That happens very rarely!)
    And in my opinion, the only good items are the ones for nons, to their fortune! ^-^

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