Eyes- First impressions

  1. 1 you. have. no. soul. and, you’re cross eyed.
  2. 2 you also have no soul. And it looks like you’re looking into the stars *o*
  3. 3 ya look like an evil brat! a very sassy one. (but you’re probably not).
  4. k you’re not who I think you are…. maybe you’re nice? maybe you could be a bully : (
  5. 4.png you seem nice. We should be friends ^-^
  6. 5AHH, please, don’rip me off 0^0
  7. 6 you seem like a unique coolcat. I like you.
  8. 7 Hello, item whore. (I’m kidding guys)
  9. 8 *runs*
  10. 9 don’t scam me, pls.
  11. 10 are you a reincarnated version of pinkstardust from 2010?
  12. 11you’re prety *n*
  13. 12 …. …. …. hmmm… mixed feelings…


Please don’t take any of these personally, I based my comments off common Fantage stereotypes that I KNOW does not represent everyone.

And don’t limit yourself to any of these eyes just because of what I said, because you really shouldn’t judge someone by them. (this post was just for laughs)

I think its awesome to be unique! like yeah I know its hard.

The first day I decided to get Cheerful Blue eyes (7th) , people at the Star Cafe made fun of me (no joke). But I ignored them and kept the eyes 🙂 now I look back at that and glad I stuck with my preferences, instead of someone else’s.

Anyways, which eyes are your favourites?

mine are: 4th and 7th!



30 thoughts on “Eyes- First impressions

  1. LOLZ
    To be honest,
    there isn’t one girls’ eyes that I don’t like
    however mots of the guys’ ones are weird.

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