Fantage “hangouts”.

1~ oh cool, a hangout! seems fun. I might even make some new friends!! lets goo

3 types of Fantagian’s at a hangout:

5 1 The girl who wears popular items and only says stuff like “lelelel” “brb” “back from unsaid brb” “ouo” “o oi”.

2 The uncoordinated (fashion wise) new comer (noob/newbie sounds mean LOL) that tries to flirt with boys.

4 The energetic girl that jumps around and tries to start a conversation.

Fantage “hangouts” in 4 stages

First phase: People TRY to start convo’s and act cool. Usually people jumping around with their angel wings LOL

And people singing song lyrics, and stuff like “owo” “ouo” “o oi” etc.1~~

Second phase: People start giving up and sit there and stare at their screens, hoping that someone would come along and get the convo started.

However usually no miracle ever happens.6

Phase 3: Crowd goes completely quiet and people start “poofing”.

Usually at this stage, there is no hope. 7

Phase 4: *cricket* *cricket*














MWAHAHAHAHAHHA *coughcough*ha AHAHHAHA *dies*


21 thoughts on “Fantage “hangouts”.

    1. Evil Santa teddy bear probably suck up everyone’s soul that’s why they’re so quite at one stage XD
      Then thats when everyone start to *poof* because they are dead x-x

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