duh aye-shun hair

you know you have duh aye-shun hair (asian hair) when…

  • you never comb it and it still looks fabulous
  • its never frizzy
  • shiny ShineYYEYEYEY *o*
  • it is soft
  • it is loyal
  • however… you can not dye your hair without BLEACHING it 😦

LOL I don’t know if that’s accurate, but it applies to me and some of my friends xD

my non asian friends be like:

them: your hair looks so nice!!

me: oh thx, uhehe ^-^

me: i didn’t even comb my hair for the past 3 days

them: O Oi HOW!??!?!

like srs, I didn’t even comb my hair the enter day when I took this picture:



I would comb, but TBH I have really thin hair and I look bald xD

So my logic is,

if I dont comb=there would be more mess

more mess=more volume

more volume=the appearance of having more hair


Anyways, comment below what you want your hair to look like!

I want to dye the ends of it grey+pastel pink+pastel purple, and I want to cut it up to my shoulders.


48 thoughts on “duh aye-shun hair

  1. Hmm…. my aye-shun hair is super thick so if I don’t comb it it just gets in my face and hurts when I run my fingers through it lmao. Although I’ve never tried not combing it for 3 days… xP

  2. Well. I have Russian hair. It is a PAIN. If I sit down in my chair for 3 minutes RIGHT after I combed, it’ll be tangled in the back ;w;. This morning I brushed it and it was straight and 8 hours later it’s wavy, tangled, and messy :’).

  3. curly italian hair kinda sucks since I can’t comb it or I’ll look like monica from friends on vacation & I need to use pricey gels to keep it from getting frizzy but my hair’s soft & people always say it looks pretty so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Well, at least you have curly brown hair. I’ve always wanted that >.<
    I have straight black hair and the ends just curl up a little which makes it look so weird. And if I tie it in a ponytail, the ponytail sits in an ugly clump.

  5. the combing thing is true eheheh
    i barely take care of my hair (besides wash and place conditioner, of course)
    i couldn’t care less about the bleaching part because
    1. hair is literally dead cells
    2. i actually like my extremely brown hair that almost looks black. not ruining it.

  6. my friends has that type of hair (dunno how cuz she isnt asian) but im so jealous of her her hair is stick straight and shiny and geourgeous
    my hair is thick and i sometimes like it sometimes dont… im trying to grow it long 😉 now its like medium long
    i like stick straight hair or really loose curls/sort of wavy
    i have brown hair and the color is always changing slightly lol

  7. My hair is REALLY straight and if I don’t brush it looks horrible but mostly looks bomb but maybe it’s a blessing or a curse?

  8. Straight, thick blonde hair is like the stereotypical perfect hair right? well what yall dont know is that if you don’t wash your hair (with shampoo) every morning and night (which is bad for your hair to do it more than 4 times a week) it gets greasy and comes out in tufts. And it always falls out of hair elastics.

  9. my hair is thin and straight and i havent combed for a month i still have hope that one day ill have more volume in my hair :’ )

  10. Im asian and my aye-shun hair is very frizzy knotty >.<
    I was born with curly hair and its SO annyoing.
    It takes an average of 30 mins to brush my hair until there are no more knots
    Any advice?

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