My idea… VS MyMall


THENN, MyMall is made 2 months later.

How its similar to my idea:

  • Fantagian’s can sell their own items
  • There is tax (Fantage get’s some Gold)
  • Fantagian’s have a certain amount of time to sell their items (permission)
  • There are many floors
  • Fantagian’s can enter this mall
  • There is an elevator

LOL once I think about it, our (me and Fantage’s) ideas are VERY VERYY similar… hmmm. coincidence?

maybe xD


17 thoughts on “My idea… VS MyMall

  1. I blame u for gold and MYMALL XD
    agreed agreed
    can u like expand on an idea, taht Emily121002 gets a hell lot of free stuff n gold and ecoins for being the 123456th joiner of Fantage

  2. Fantage DOES read our blogs, so it’s not much of a suprise. But now you get to say you inspired mymall… But be careful, some ppl wouldn’t be too happy about that.

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