Workout with Teddy! Part 2

*Disclaimer: Teddy is not a certified fitness trainer. But you can still exercise with him!*

helloHello, it is me again. Today you’re going to be working out, and getting ripped ^.^

First we must warm up so you don’t pull a muscle (or rip some stitches, like me).

Click here to warm up!

Untitled*takes off sweater* lets start 🙂

output_3r8mBQ (1)Lets do 25 squats to give your maximus gluteus a lift! (cough butt).

output_gIazxtAnd 10 of these!

x465yAnd on the other side!

x469tNow lets move those hips!

x46iqNow rotate your ne- OoOoOOOWHAHAAAO *dies*

~cloud82 (comment below if you actually did the workout LOL)


25 thoughts on “Workout with Teddy! Part 2

  1. Well, i have no head now, but i have Nicki Minaj’s butt! Thx teddy! *cant smile becuase i have no head* WAIT! I DONT HAVE A BRAIN!

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