Tinder= a very popular dating website where you swipe through profiles of people. Swipe left means “pass”, as in “I dont want to date you”. Swipe right means “YAS”. 

I just realized that Fantage resembles Tinder A LOT.

I mean if you think about it,…

Fantagians (on the most part) judge others by their appearances. And that’s preetty much what Tinder is like  (you need to make a decision, swipe left or right? so obviously you need to base everything on first impressions/looks).

Like literally a host at a whun tryout would be pushing the not-so-appealing people to the left, and the pretty-hot one’s to the right

and in the end, they’ll add the hot person and “lock” their house so that the rest of the people get sent to the castle

Which is kind of pretty sad.



14 thoughts on “Fantage=Tinder

  1. Indeed i feel bad for some people even though you don’t need a whun jAj but i think people shouldn’t just judge people base on items or even they don’t even if they don’t have anything this is why many people go online just to get away from these stuff but you can’t you are stuck into reality but that how life goes I feel more people should go out instead or doing that.

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