I was looking throgh Fantage Confessions

I see this:



I mean I take that as a compliment, but then again people think I’m lying??

seriously this is like the 5th time I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m “12-13” LOL.

But I mean its not a problem

Its just

Do I really look that young??? : 3

Maybe a good thing? idk man..

also where’s that “proof” LOL, my selfie’s cant confirm nothinggg

Legit I actually posted a picture of my passport (and blurred a lot of things)

and my birthday is on it



♩♩ Why tf you lying, stop freakin lyinggg, mmm omygoshh, stop freaking lyyingg ♩♩




13 thoughts on “LOL WHAT

  1. it’s ok bc i was tutoring kids yesterday but one of the tutors thought i was one of the kids and asked if i needed help : )
    im 16

  2. Some ppl thinks I’ve been in grade 9 for like 3 year XD . It’s not a bad thing cuz when everyone doesnt wanna look old then you’ll be looking younger and flawless .

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