Puppy Sitting!


Fantage has released a event called Puppy Sitting. It is said that Maurice needs our help to  puppy sit.(Since when Maurice sells real pets?) 

Let’s take a look at the event info.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll receive 5 energy packs. You need these ‘energy packs’ to do activities with your puppy.


At the very end of your left screen, you’ll see an icon. Click on that to choose your puppy.

Screenshot_74Screenshot_75 (If you hover on the icon it’ll change the image of a yorkie to a husky.I prefer looking at the husky though hahaha)


Now you got to choose your puppy. Decide carefully because once you pick your puppy, you can’t change it anymore. So make sure to click on the puppy you want for multiple times, just in case xD I chose the husky. (WHY ISN’T THERE A CORGI PUP ?!? //cries)


Fill up those bars by clicking on the activities to level up your medal.


How to get energy packs:

  • Login everyday (5 energy packs, extra 2 energy packs for pm)
  • Every 30 minutes you’re logged in (1 energy pack)
  • Play pet games (Up to 10 energy packs, up to 20 for pm)
  • Buy them using Gold.


Now let’s take a look at the limited items!



Ears: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars                     Board: 10,000 Gold

The boards are wayyyy too overpriced, but the pixelling is great. The pug looks weird though and he’s even missing a paw!! Why you do this Fantage lel The ears are adorable especially the husky one!


Screenshot_79 natiey_ izzy7239

From left to right: seandre11 // natiey_ // izzy7239

Overall i think it’s a good event. 4/5 for originality, 3/5 for limited items, 2/5 for activities. I hope this isn’t all for this seven day event…

Thanks for reading!


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