Hey y’all! Haven’t posted in 2 weeks. Ehh, s l o w l y becoming a regular author on here

Anyways, here’s a new series I’ve been working on, hope you enjoy it!

It started in a diner, Theodore’s. I’d been into this place thousands of times, it was home to me. I knew Theodore personally, and he loved it when I came in. Whenever you walked in, you could get a whiff of the corn bread baking in the oven, eggs frying in the pan, the sweet smell of syrup, listen to the crackling sounds of bacon. I grinned as Theodore came out to take my order, “Gianna! Haven’t seen you in a while,” he chuckles and I smile at him “The usual right? What do you say to a milkshake? On the house!” he proclaims with a twinkle in his eye, and heads back into the kitchen. Theodore was seriously the best, he was a hearty man with a bellowing laugh and a bit of a beer belly. Quite frankly, he reminded me of Santa Claus.

And then I remember looking up from my phone, and a flash of bright green eyes pierce back at me. The owner of the eyes says something, inaudible to me. I’m too distracted by him. His hair, dark and tousled, could have been mistaken for jet black. As he spoke, he shifted his head slightly causing the light to settle on his head, changing his hair to a dark chocolate brown. I’m reeled back into reality as I realize he’s now sitting at the same booth as me. In front of me. I can get a faint whiff of his cologne. He looks at me curiously and says “Well?”

I raise my eyebrows at this beautiful boy in front of me questioningly . I exclaim “I’m sorry?”

His eyes appear confused and he seems to repeat himself. “My name is Cayden, and yours?”

I whisper involuntarily, “Gianna…”

HUEHUEHUE CLIFFHANGER. Wanna read more?? Read the rest on my wattpad! Link is added

Please feel free to comment on what you think of it ❤ and PLEASE check out my other stories thank you!

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