MyMall update!

Soo, I guess Fantage got fed up with complaints from people, so they made a new Information Banner that pops up every time you enter the lobby. Here it is:







w5 #EyebrowsOnPoint


In all seriousness..

I know Fantage is trying to get people to stop scamming and what not, but I still feel like people are still going to continue to trade.

Also I kind of think that if people still dont listen, Fantage might close MyMall?? (my opinion).

Because remember what happened to Trade n Sell?

It opened, then people started scamming, then Fantage put up a warning sign, people still wouldn’t listen… Fantage gets fed up and then they close TnS.

But that’s just my opinion -O-

ALSO as most of you guys know, I sell my items for $$$? well according to this banner its illegal (which I did not know, oops). And obv I’ll be stopping that (sorry for anyone who wanted to buy my items).

Comment below your opinion on the rules listed out on the banner!




27 thoughts on “MyMall update!

  1. they should just make an official trading system, and have it so both people have to agree to the trade, and pay a fee of 1000
    less people will get scammed, and fantage will make money so…

    1. I was thinking of having a trading room where you MUST go to when you trade
      And maybe when you start trading, the room will automatically be recorded??
      idk just an idea

      1. naah, just make trading lobbys with a trading system
        like, almost every other virtual world has a trading system, where you just offer items and both parties agree to the trade, then you trade.
        If Fantage desperately wants money, they can just add a fee. They’ll still make money from the money they were supposed to get from tax, and MUCH less people will be scammed.

          1. You could, but I’m just commenting a solution, so that no one gets scammed and people are satisfied with trading.
            If you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to trading, websites like Gaia Online and Webkinz (but who plays Webkinz now lol) have this system where it’s convenient, and impossible to get scammed.

  2. I think the pop-up is a good idea.
    Way too many people are jamming up Fantage’s systems with emails reporting things that were THEIR OWN FAULTS.

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