How to Play: Mouse Chaser

Fairly simple and straight forward game, but for those of you who still do not understand how to play, read on 😀

This game is inside Chez Fantage on the top left side of the room. Click on it, and you will see the instructions first:


So what this means, in simpler words: Use your ARROW KEYS (on keyboard) to split their territory into “boxes” to eliminate mice.

This is what I mean!

Your cursor is the red diamond on the top left corner.

To move it around, use your ARROW KEYS on the keyboard.

you You can go vertically or horizontally.

When you divide the blue into 2, one side will be eliminated.



Also notice the percentage at the top! (it gets higher as you level up).

Your GOAL: Get rid of the entire percentage of the mice’s territory WITHOUT having the mice run over your lines.


If you have any questions, comment below!



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