Responses to your suggestions!

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1. hmm… you’re blog is already provided with all the bits n’ bobs, sooo.. maybe an upgraded version of How to get gold? i mean.. cmon

OK! well I’ll just tell you here that you can A) Buy Gold from Fantage or B) Wait till you get permission from the Daily Attendance or Lucky Bob. Then, start selling! there really isn’t other way, because FYI generators do NOT work. They’re just scams that either want to waste your time, or retrieve your password.

2. not all asians have hair like yours you racist mongoose. im asian I have curly hair. I have an asian friend who has frizzy hair and another who has blonde hair. I have to comb my hair EVERY DAY and when I go to school people still ask me whether or not I combed it because it gets messy REALLY easily.

Hi! I never wanted to be racist with my “Asian Hair” post. I also specifically said this: “LOL I don’t know if that’s accurate, but it applies to me and some of my friends xD”. Sorry if you didn’t get that though :I

3. Hello 🙂 How about trying to copy real celebrities from music videos on fantage? like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande etc that would be cool

Great idea!! I see people doing that all the time and I always be like “dang, I should do that. Seems fun”, but I never do… (but after you suggested, I’ll totally do that in my future posts 🙂 )

4. Hi cloud! So I have a suggestion for this blog! Maybe do some drawing contests? Ok I know this sounds hilarious, but it could be like you have to draw something (digitally or hand drawn), and the workers of this blog could be judges, and the person who draws it the best, gets a prize? That way your blog would be a little more unique, and a little more funner!

Fab idea, I’ll keep that in mind for the Spring Olympics 😀

5. keep the blog the way it is; don’t change it. it’s fabulous!

I ❤ YOUUU thank you so much 😉

6. You should have a glitches and cheats page, just make it have a password so fantage NEVER finds out

LOL that’s a funny idea. I probably wont do it though xD sorry anonymous person.


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