It was us

I always hear people (including me), talking about how they want to bring the “old Fantage back”. For what reason? what do they want back? purity, true friendship, innocence?

Being honest, I don’t blame anything on Fantage. I don’t blame them for the things we complain about. I don’t blame them for not being able to deal with scammers, closing Trade n Sell, having item prices rocket sky high, enforcing new currencies.

Everything that has happened was because of us.

All these strange and innapropriate tryouts and slang? it was us, of course.

The closing of Trade n Sell? also us. It never would have happened if people just followed the rules and did not scam.

Invention of Gold? this happened probably because Fantage was running low on $ BECAUSE of people getting scammed, quitting=less people playing. (Just my thoughts).

All the things we want back obviously cant come back. Everything has just gotten so out of control, its hard to ask people to just listen to the rules for once.

Fantage made rules for a reason, and having them broken can’t be their fault.

Innapropriate behaviuor and swearing isn’t their fault.

Scamming isnt their fault.

Nothing is.

It was us.



Step 1) Actually start following the guidelines and try to be good people. This can be achieved by reporting people, and trying your best to stay clean (language wise).

Step 2) Spend more time exploring other areas of Fantage, instead of dwelling inside MyMall.

Step 3) By this step, I hope you have come to be more open minded.

Step 4) Accept people of all kinds. If you want to make true friends, get to know their personality. Don’t be someone’s friend because of their status, level, or pixelated items. Just imagine there was a glitch on Fantage and everyone was naked, everyone’s level was 1, and their username’s were all “lotusrainxoxo”. Yes that would be creepy, but maybe that’ll help you make real friends.

Step 5) Hopefully now you’ll have true friends. Maybe play some games with your #squad. For example, do some pranks? (just remember not to go too far. Dont be like: *scams* “chill, its just a prank, bro.”) In the end your prank should make BOTH sides laugh, and not just your side.

Step 6) BTW I’m kidding. 5 steps isn’t going to save Fantage. Just do what makes you happy (and also do whats right). There will be good and bad people on this game, just like in real life. People will have different interests, different personalities. It’s all about finding the right people for you, and continuing on with life. Ignore the people who make you feel uncomfortable. Be true to yourself, and maybe look on the bright side. Maybe then you’ll enjoy Fantage more, since your feelings and attitude is based on how you look at things ❤


27 thoughts on “It was us

    Old Fantage wasn’t THAT perfect, there was this huge problem with nons and mems, plus it was practically impossible to earn ecoins. In real life, things change too, and I don’t see anyone saying, “I wanna go back to the Stone Age” (IPAD YOU ARE MY LIFE).
    Personally I think Gold is okay as it’s the first time ever I’ve been able to buy Limited stuff.

  2. I just wanna thank my besties on fantage:
    Chloe_Ryu: I actually chat with her off of fantage, havent added her yet. lol!
    Justine0319: level 213 no good items np
    and my good friends:
    Bathsiba1: level 175 np no good items
    Bluemermaid38: level 180 np no good items
    Jade8675: level 293 has lots of good items np

    And my real besties who also play fantage:
    Bunnyhopsparkelz: level 2 no good items np
    Lionclaw0428: level 1 no good items np

    who helped me out when i was a newbie:
    Cute_jamie8: I was level 15 with no rare items, altough i was a premium member so hopefully it wasnt bc of that.

    and cloud82 who got me to play fantage in the first place! (thanks a lot, richard.) (don’t ask.)

    if your name was on here thank you so much!!!

  3. I hated old fantage, I will never understand why people want to go back to the past. Only those with money probably desire it, though.

  4. Exactly 😛
    And what’s really ironic is that the people who complained about Vintage Gold making old items worthless are the same people who want to bring back Oasis and Vintage Classics, both old item shops. -_-
    I’m like

  5. I really don’t think many of you can understand what a 2008 player understands. Even me from 2010 sees the difference. Trade & Sell was the downfall of Fantage and not because of Fantage but because of the greedy players. It’s not about wanting to bring the past back but appreciating the past so we can create a better future or find some way to sustain a future for Fantage. This is the ONLY reason I started I could have blogged a long time ago and chose not to until now because I do care about the future of Fantage and am trying to secure that.

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