161 thoughts on “Chalkboard Giveaway

  1. I love how the posts are hilarious
    Liked this post, already subscribed!
    Told 2 of my fantagian friends about this blog

  2. I really like your videos on editing and recoloring fantagian clothes and hair and eyes. And how you’re up to date on the latest events. Also how your post isn’t boring and are actually fun to read..most of the time.
    Uhhh i liked the page and followed and told 2 other people about the blog.

  3. I love all the fun stuff ppl plan on here that we do on fantage and how funny u are (not always but most of the time) I also told my whole fantage foodsisters group about this blog (7 people not including me) I don’t have ANY good boards(I know you’re picking randomly I think) And my bff has red chalk and we’re twinning but we need a matching board…

  4. Cloud am i entered? Idk if i reblogged though…
    And i like how this blog has many helpful tutorials and stuff

  5. I love that you give helpful guides and I constantly come back here to see the guides in case I don’t know how to do something. Thank You for making all these wonderful guides and this wonderful blog. Keep up the great work and continue to do your best.

  6. I like how your blog is very original. Like the “shops” and “look book”. I love how you show many cool ways to dress up on fantage. Also your very chill and seem like a cool person ^_^

  7. I like that this blog posts consistently and has a large variety of original and unique posts – for example the different modeling of clothes.

  8. I love how creative and passionate you are about the blog 🙂
    (Told my two friends about this blog and they subscribed!)

  9. One thing I like about your blog? Psh, more like 1000 things that I like about your blog haha. Anyways, first off, your blog is just an overall inspiration. I’m 100% honest with you, when I saw you’re blog, it inspired me to get one of my friend to do a fantage blog with me. I seriously am 100% honest. Soo, we did and we just started today xP fantagetroubleduo.wordpress.com is my friend’s and I’s just saying xD. Anyways, I also love that you do AMAZING guides that helped me and everyone else. They’re super easy to follow and a blog like this has to be known to the world (of fantage and more). Just thank you for being such an inspiration, and I really hope someone you pick will be gracious to have you pick them. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Jessica ❤

  10. I’m not the most loudest follower, and in fact I have been viewing your blog for about 1 year I think. I “stalked” your blog for a while, and helped my noobie fantagian seem way better. Yours was one of the main blogs I stalked along with about 3 others (I have no life) and you helped me so much >.< I'm a little embarrassed I haven't subscribed on this wordpress account yet until now. I told a few friends about your blog, and I hope they like it as much as me :3

  11. this blog is overly awesome… y’all have amayzang personalities. i rlly like how the blog is kept REALLY up to date, and all the posts r intresting, inspiring, and funny 😉

  12. is this still open??

    hmm, well, i think i’ve been subscribed since like the early days of your blog and it’s really cool how you’ve managed to keep up with everything and update people on stuff in fantage. tbh the next fantageville lolol

  13. I think I did everything but I like how your posts are, funny, enjoyable,e.t.c

  14. 900 subscribers (unless that’s only on my screen) but I just subscribed because Jessica from TroubleDuo had said you were doing a giveaway 🙂 Goood luck to all !!

  15. I love the layout. Your website is constantly neat and very nice to look at. Its easy to read and not messy in the slightest. The writing is clearly checked carefully and written well. It makes me want to keep coming back and makes it one of the most enjoyable Fantage websites to read in my opinion!

  16. Ur blog is always updated and ur posts have originality and r so relatable! I also like the background (ANIMATED PIXELS OMGGGGGGGGGGG) and it looks so neat and pretty! ;D

  17. I LOVE this blog because it inspired AND helped me to make mine! Your blog always is entertaining and I’m glad you made it. Your awesome cloud!! 😀

  18. omg luved dis blog, it’s so honest, and nice background ll ouo ll , told 2 very high leveled fantagians, they are checking it out right now. Cloud, I luv ur photo! Keep up the blog!

    — _yara_yara_0

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