MyMall tip #1: How to sell your items

Okay now I’m always looking through kiosks and sometimes I just feel really bad at some owners because I’m like “*facepalm*.. I’m sorry but nobody is going to buy that”…

Here are things NOT to sell at MyMall:

  • Any lucky bot item
  • Any Cody’s Crazy Combo’s item
  • Daily spin items
  • Starred rare items
  • Coined “ugly” rares
  • The free color shirts and boards from Top Models
  • Fashion show free theme outfits
  • Recent starred lims

Here are examples:

1, People wont buy ANY sort of Lucky Bot item. Even if they USED to be popular. For example, the first and last item from this kiosk:


Yes they WERE popular like 3 years ago, but not anymore because they’re very easy to get. The only item from this person’s kiosk that MAY potentially sell is the Turbo Tube.

I have no idea where its from, but its coined and very cheap.

2, Nothing is this kiosk will sell. Yes they’re all minimum prices, but nobody would want to spend a single Gold piece of Lucky bot, Cody’s Crazy Combo, or Starred rare.

The only item that MIGHT sell is the shoes. However since its starred, that potential is low. If the shoes were coined, they could sell from anywhere between 500-5000 Gold.

(TIP: The older the limited item is, the easier it will sell. A lot of Fantagian’s now a days like collecting limited items made from 20011-2014. A lot of these items may not seem like they’re worth a lot to you, but trust me, someone will buy them)


3, Ah, a classic misunderstanding yet again. Let me repeat, the purple/blue Stained Glass Tee is not worth anything. (However the yellow/green stained glass shirt IS, because it hasn’t been sold at Lucky Bot).

This kiosk (unfortunately) will not sell anything.n3 4, Enough said. When you post items for sale, just think to yourself. “Would I buy that”? if you answered no, most likely other people will think the same way.

However many Fantagian’s lack the knowledge on item value of “Retired” items and past Limited items.

If you have any coin retired or limited items (that has NOT been sold at Lucky Bot), congrats! looks like you’ll be making Gold in no time.

Just make sure you dont get ripped off by other pesky Fantagian’s trying to make a fortune out of your little knowledge on item values, (trust me I see it all the time). Make sure you know the value of your prized possessions BEFORE selling it.


5, At MyMall, luxury items appear as Limited. So no, they do not count as limited. Selling starred luxury items wont help you get Gold. However if they were coined (and under 1,200 Gold), then you have a chance!

Since people are constantly searching for items through the “Search” tool at Mymall, they can easily compare your prices to someone elses. So before you post an item, be sure to look through if other people are selling the same item! if they are, check if they’re the same currency as yours (coin or star). Then base your pricing off the average of other people’s.


6, This Fantagian will have a hard time selling her items because her kiosk consists of: “ugly” rares, Cody’s items, and Recent STARRED limited items. If the ‘Rose Hair Corsage’ was coined, then it would sell!

But since it is Starred and a very RECENT limited item, people wouldn’t buy it.


Things to sell

  • Starred Limited items from the past (2011-2013). Sell these for the MINIMUM.
  • Coined Limited items from the past (2011-2013,2014). Some of these items can be worth A LOT. So be sure to price them right. But also do not OVERPRICE. 
  • Coined rare items (not the ugly ones). If popular, sell by the average or less price. If unpopular, sell for min. If Fantage releases new rares and you get the coined versions from Wizards Domain, go to Mymall and sell them for minimum! people will be excited to get new rares, even if it takes Gold to get them.
  • Past PRIZE items (a lot of these are worth A LOT. So again, be sure to sell them for the right price, and do not get ripped off).
  • Retired items! either if they were recently removed from Le Shope/Salon, people will be interested. Make sure they’re COIN. Do not sell for minimum, because they are worth much more.

Tip: If you are trying to get Gold fast (because you’re permission time is running out), just sell your most valuable items for a bit under the actual value. If you do so, you’ll be guaranteed to get Gold, so you can start your MyMall journey. 

Good examples

u6 u4 u3 u2u1 u8 u7 u5

Of course many people don’t have “popular” items to sell. So my tips for you would be to sell old prize items (if you’re a Fantagian who joined before 2013). To players who joined after 2013, try selling any coin Limited item (not from Lucky Bot) that you have.

If you still need help on what to sell (and for how much), comment below with the picture of the item!



18 thoughts on “MyMall tip #1: How to sell your items

  1. As cloud has proven here only 10% of Fantagians have and are wiling to sell items that anyone would buy and have any worth, so why the heck is everyone in the mall. There is no point selling anything if everyone has the item already. None whatsoever. No one buys starred items, no one buys Cody, Lucky Bot etc…. items. Ummm what else is there. Oh yeah, Limiteds and old rare items that are selling for 1mil gold. Pointless ppl pointless. Fantage could just close and restart as a game called MY MALL and no one would notice I swear.

  2. Very helpful! I’ve been waiting so long for someone to suggest looking through the MyMall list to look at others’ prices on like items.
    OMG One of the first items I ever bought at MyMall was the not-worthless Stained Glass Tee.
    Oh wow JUST NOW I realized what Stained Glass Tee rc means (Stained Glass Tee recolor PFFT y do i figure dat out now)
    ok i should shut up

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