Styling: Basket ball Hair


Yes I know, BB hair is meant to be worn with athletic outfits.. after all, it IS called BASKET BALL hair. But you know me, I am a rebel. A fashion rebel 😉

To me, I just see it as a hair in a pony tail with a pretty ribbon. So those are the outfits I made.


First outfit: Classic autumn look!

Second outfit: Playful in pink

Third outfit: Girly n Casual

Fourth outfit: The Lazy outfit


First outfit: Girly n Navy

Second outfit: Sporty and comfy!

Third outfit: Daring in blue

Fourth outfit: Casual but cute


5 thoughts on “Styling: Basket ball Hair

  1. I like 1, 4, and 5. 😛
    I never realized BB hair was supposed to be a windblown ponytail… I just saw it as hair being blown in a direction with a bow in it, but no pony.

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