Styling: Green Goddess Hair

Release date: August 2011

Lets style the Green Goddess hair! (as requested by anonymous)!

The rich color tones in this hair tells me I should stick more on the fancier and dressy side, instead of going casual (spoiler: I did 5 casual looks anyways.. I’m a rebel >:-D)

Let’s begin~


Go all out with huge dresses or boards to make the hair stand out!

GIF123 output_WfcNxU

Some-what Fancy

Somewhere between casual and fancy… cancy? or fasual..? LOL

Anyways, wear something red with this hair! it really makes the the green head piece stand out, as opposed to having an all green outfit.

Personally my favourite is the first look 🙂 the dress really goes well! (ps: its from Le Shope!)



Yeah yeah, I know, you may be thinking “casual”??? with this hair? uh uh. Nope.

I mean I agree, it is called Green GODDESS for a reason, and it DOES look best with fancy majestic outfits, but throw over a sweater and you got style 😉

I also like how the Polar Bear Hat in the last outfit covers most of the headpiece and leaves a cool green design! its unique 😀 what do you think? (leave a comment below! <3)



  • Of course I know many of you wont have all the items I used for my outfits, that’s why I call these “INSPIRING” outfits. Its for you to look at, and go “OO, her outfit reminds me something similar I have!”. I just hope you guys would get inspired by my outfit ideas, and create stunning outfits on your own, with your unique style! ❤


  • mu This Orange and Gold eyeshadow from the Salon looks really good with this hair for some reason xD I find that it adds more color and also makes your eyes look more bold… like  a Goddess 🙂


  • Try not to make your entire outfit green. It may look quite bland  and uninteresting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors!


11 thoughts on “Styling: Green Goddess Hair

  1. The first fancy outfit is really angelic and goddess like *O* Really love that outfit!
    I like how you wear it with the pbh, the bits of headpiece showing gives a elegant touch to the whole outfit ^^

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