CEO of Fantage!

The guy on the very right is David Hwang, the founder of!

He starts talking at: 8:24

He basically talks about the game, and background info on why he created it.

Fantage’s motto

“We dont have violence at all. We dont curse at other people. So the filtering system is very hard. We make everything pretty and nice and cute, no blood, no violence. Safe kids playground, That’s our motto since day 1, and we stick to it.”

Oh, boy is he oblivious to Fantagian’s nowadays…

Why he created Fantage!

“I had daughter and son, young age at the time, so I talk to my daughter and their friends, and we built the website. And then we were so proud of ourselves! we made something to satisfy our own kids, and their friends… then all of a sudden, thousands of kids start coming in to play our game, and the complain. I was so surprised. I made everything my daughter asked me. And why they complaining to us?”

How the idea of Top Models started

“The kids stick together somewhere and they say a theme (yellow) , and the kids changing their dress, and they vote people on who’s the best. We had over 20 games at that time, but they didn’t play. They played their own game. OK so we listen to you, and we made that game. The fashion show game! that is the game that they played, so we copied them”.

Ideas from users

“Then they wanted pets, so we made pets”

“They wanted school, so we made school”

“Then finally my daughter got an iPhone, so we made iPhone games”

“They wanted us to sell currency”

“They weren’t comfortable with the English speaking. They wanted us to make German version, Chinese version, all different versions. We are working on French version, and German version. It will be out there pretty soon”.


Pretty cool to hear the CEO of Fantage talking about his game! It’s always interesting to hear someone or a game’s background ;D  I also learned a lot of things from the video! like how A LOT of the things on Fantage were inspired by users. Cool right?


12 thoughts on “CEO of Fantage!

  1. It makes me think of Fantage so differently now. This guy seems so nice and he’s made this big community for us and… Wow.
    After this I really can’t say much that’s bad about Fantage. He originally just wanted his daughter and thousands of kids have fun in a virtual world. He actually did listen to suggestions, too, when people wanted Fashion Show and a sellable currency.

  2. well he should really fix that bullshit game. i joined 2014, and i really liked fantage a lot. I would never do my homework,stay up late at night playing,made and met lots of new friends, but when the year 2014 was ending, legit the whole game changed into something i don’t know anymore. As time passed by more and more of the friends i’ve met and made started to quit, because of the hackers, the “old” fantage is gone and the new fantage is just shit, fantage Hq took a lot of nonmember rights away, and everyone started being bitchy asf. Again, he needs to fix fantage back or else in a few years, not one user will be on. Even though i regret paying that game, i will always remember all the fun times i had and all my friends.

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