Fantage Spy is hiring now!

It tis’ that time of year again.. yup, it’s time for another round of new authors!

To apply, fill out the following application and Email it to You MUST title your Email “Application- (your Fantage/Wordpress username)


Are you an enthusiastic Fantagian who would like to have the opportunity to work on Fantage Spy? if so, fill out this application!

Salary: 500 Gold for every 10 posts that I favour 🙂 (therefore Gold is not guaranteed if I don’t favour your posts). Paycheck will be issued at the end of the month with comments.

Yearly salary: 0 Gold- 12,000 Gold

Application (must answer all questions)

Your Fantage user:

Why do you want to work here?

What year did you join Fantage in?

I prefer people who have been playing for over 2 years. What do you say about this?

Are you over the age of 12?

Do you have one or more of the following skills: fashion, editing, writing, humour, intelligence, good grammar?

Are you enthusiastic about Fantage? (are you a hater? a fan? or just a player? tell me about yourself on Fantage!)

Whats your favorite games on Fantage, or do you not play games?

Have you played all of the games on Fantage? (yes-no-almost all)

Do you have a “whun” on Fantage?

Can you post at least once or twice a week?

Show me 3 pictures of you on Fantage wearing your favorite outfits! (attach images)

Would you say you are a computer whiz? (you can catch onto things easily):

Do you know any tips/tricks/cheats on Fantage?

Would you say you are responsible?

What are your opinions on Fantage?

Do you have MyMall permission or Gold?

Do you have Fantage Instagram, or Facebook? is so, what is it?

Why do you enjoy reading this blog?

If you were to be hired on Fantage Spy, what would you post about? (fashion? events? humorous posts? edits? etc. Be specific)

Do you know how to edit with Microsoft Paint/other apps? (if so, attach an image of your favorite edit(s) )

What would you say you are good at? (making edits, art, being funny, etc…)

Are you a hard worker?

Would you be offended if I were to edit your post? (perhaps grammar):

Can you make GIF’s?

If I told you that you aren’t allowed to post links of other blogs in your posts, what would you do/say?


You will automatically get a response if I do consider hiring you. If not, just let it go. Please do not reply 10 times and flood my inbox.

Good luck to everyone!



37 thoughts on “Fantage Spy is hiring now!

  1. Me: YAS fills out form-
    Me : Lemme send it first!
    Mom: NO
    Me: mumbles well now I have to write it all again, thanks Mom and Dad.
    *based on a true story

    but then again
    i havent been posting that often on yours
    partly because of my blog
    and partly because of uninspiration

  3. I applied! I know you got my other email, but did you get the email with the custom edits I did?
    Also, do I have to fill out the application form on your recent post with the categories? (editor/game host/random)

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