My dilemma

So I have 4 lovely, amazing, talented people (not including me) who work on Fantage Spy.

I want to accept new authors (its a thing I do every year) so I would need to “let go” of some current authors.

Now my dilema is, WHOOOO do I “let go”?

I have:

Minitricia- fashion and events

Luka Puka (luke)- random

Trixie2000- OOTDs/fashion

Xuandao- story writer

Vote for  who I should remove from the team (choose up to 3):



55 thoughts on “My dilemma

  1. Um, Cloud I usually think everything you do is great and stuff, but I don’t think you should ask people to help you let go of people. They might get their feelings hurt that you asked or that people think they should go.
    I’m not trying to hurt YOUR feelings! But I think letting go of people is kind of a personal and sensitive subject.

      1. Getting other people’s input is very helpful (I do it all the time), but maybe ask certain people personally? But you do whatever because you’re the owner!

    by the way, I don’t repost on my blog what I post on here anymore
    I try to split it up, to those who are saying otherwise

    1. I think you are too amazing to be let go and I feel like trixie should be fired because most people don’t know who she is because she doesn’t post often or at all, I went through a TON of posts. Besides xuandao has the most votes.

  3. the thing is your have 2 fashion people, so maybe let 1 of them go.
    I don’t see a lot of any of your workers posts at all.
    I don’t even know who trixie is.
    Xuandao is awesome and her stories are amazing, but she doesn’t post much at all and her stories aren’t fantage related.
    Luke’s post are really funny, but he kind of uses fantage spy to his advantage.
    (sorry luke, you are still amazing) But he does post much more often than your other workers
    YOU SHOULD NEVER FIRE minitricia.
    . I love her posts and her fashion sense is awesome. I really enjoy looking at her posts. Also she posts often, not as much as luke, but still often.

  4. instead of commenting, you should give a private inbox for people to vote instead. a lot of people don’t vote probably because they don’t want the other authors to see their comments.

  5. I don’t know who trixie is. I haven’t seen her post for quite some time? I love xuandao’s outfits and stories. You should keep the boy Luke XD and he’s hilarious and minitricia’s fashion sense is amazing.

          1. Oh whoops lmao
            But Fantage Spy doesn’t always have to be Fantage related, even if it has Fantage in the name, I WANT DA STORIESSSSSS

      1. Oh oops. I accidentally commented my form thing on your blog… Sorry, do I still have to send it to your email?

  6. Uh, trixie? Idk, i never see her post… also, she does fashion posts and minitricia does fashion posts…so…Trixie.
    So…I’m just going to say Trixie…that’s it…

  7. I’m going to be brutally honest right now.
    Trixie never posts, so I guess she would be the main priority to remove.
    Meanwhile, the other three authors ALWAYS reposts (although, Luke just recently stopped that.) Like, I see Xuando’s stories on Luke’s blog, and Minitricia also posts things on her blogs and yours.
    But really, you don’t have to remove your current authors. There’s no rule saying you can’t have like 10 authors.

  8. Trixie and Xuandao. I have to be honest here. I don’t even know who Trixie is, she never even posts. Xuandao does stories, which isn’t fantage related, and we can find on wattpad anyways. I absolutely love Minitricia’s fashion and event posts. Luke’s posts are funny, but I don’t follow his other blog, so I know nothing of his reblogging or advertising or what.

  9. I think Luke should be “kicked”. I mean, his OOTDs are all over Fantage, and everyone wears them. I don’t think Trixie should be kicked because her outfits and fashion ideas are creative and unique. Thats just my opinion though. :/ BTW IM EMAILING YOU ABOUT BEING AN AUTHOR ON HERE

  10. … Erm, this doesn’t make sense. I got the least votes, so why’d you let minitricia stay?
    (I had 33 and she had 41)

    1. you were fired? ;-;
      and that does seem a bit unfair, but possibly cloud decided that minitricia added things to this blog that cloud wants to keep on Fantage Spy. And before, minitricia had less votes.

      1. This whole “firing” people thing, I didn’t want to make it look like who I favored the most.
        To me, for the most part everyone was equally awesome. I just needed to figure out a way to let go some people in order to invite new people in.
        This process isn’t to be taken personally.

        1. Of course, i don’t have a problem with you firing people because it’s a completely natural process. I completely understand, i agree that to let people in, you have to let people go. It’s just I think people have trouble understanding that people they like/are friends with/admire are being fired , so they tend to take it personally. (Including me) I see how hard it could be to fire people you’re close to and that you tried to do it in the least offensive way possible, but it’s impossible to suit someone’s needs without aggravating someone else’s. It’s just as hard for you as everyone else, but i guess the rest of us are a bit selfish. ^^’
          Also, did you get my email and multiple comments about applications?

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