Would you change your username?


If in Fantage you could change your username

What would it be?

I’d change it to lukapuka because

  • It has no numbers (I really hate numbers in usernames unless it’s used in a certain context that gives its theme)
  • It’s a catchy nickname that I really like
  • It also looks nice

I’d also change xuandao’s username to swandow just to bug her

And thesuperanna01’s username to ilovesylvantheslime

And fantboy1’s to fanta_orange

And everyone else’s to hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic


35 thoughts on “Would you change your username?

  1. idk what I’d change my username to
    I really hate “_carly_cool” -.-
    I’d probably change it to something having to do with a band/artist or youtuber

    1. ikr hanate was the best
      actually i liked all of them
      r-dizzle was really messed up
      regina was really stupid and oblivious
      and hanate
      i will never look at hanate the same way again

    the real question: IS HANATE DEAD OR NOT LIKE OKAY HE “DIED” IN THE LAST SKITZO (thanks a lot rocky) BUT HE CAME BACK?? LIKE RICE IN POT HANATE?? IS IT REALLY THE END OF SKITZO?? IM SO CONFUSED?? (oh my god what if he comes back, what if he faked his death [did he even actually die?] because, i mean, he’s a ninja after all ‘-‘)
    and nah, my username is roselynh100 (<~people ask what 100 is for and i really don't know) and i use it for all my other usernames too .-. it has never been unavailable for me to use, i guess i'm "original" o-o

      I really don’t know! But I really hope it isn’t the end, too. Ryan said himself that he got a lot of negativity about the Skitzo series but I have always thought that it was hilarious. e.e

  3. I would change it to annabeth because I don’t like numbers in names either, unless they have a meaning… and nobody (except the ones who know where my name is from) actually calls me the right thing… it’s always like chbanna or banana (someone actually called me banana breath) because me username is chbannabeth1…….. nobody understands. ;n;

    1. OMG
      Something similar happens to me. Mine is lukeh2o and a ton of people who don’t know me at first call me “lukeh;” I think it’s because it looks like lukeh20 and not lukeh2o… It’s really annoying, though. Just say “lukeh” out loud. IT’S STOOPID

      1. It sounds too funny when I say it outloud. I think I only made my username chbannabeth1 because annabeth was taken or something like that. Only the people who have actually read the books understand. xD
        If only all Fantagians knew how to type our names.

  4. I would remove the numbers behind my username ;-; I hate numbers too
    I used to have an account with the name ‘Minitricia’ but I abandoned it!!!! Gosh why!!! //cries

  5. Change it to anything that doesn’t need numbers omg
    I really hate how mine has numbers
    //cringes at my old self

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