MyMall Suggestion

I wished we could have a record of all the items we’ve sold and bought, just so I could see clearly what worthless items I’ve spent a ton on in the past. I remember, when the Lucky Bot was still a new thing, I bought Teacher’s Pointer for 25,000.


My daily routine after remembering how much I spent on that little piece of metal

I still remember the days when Teacher’s Pointer, Magical Frog Wand, and Rubix Cube were all worth at least 8,000 and not the minimum.

But I don’t feel alone because I know one of my friends who traded a celebrity crown for the rare rose headband (I think it was sammydew2 cough cough).

I’m also kind of curious of how much Gold I’ve spent in total (probably a lot), and how much Gold I’ve attained from selling items (probably not a lot). It’s kind of like stats for nerds on Google. <– I KEEP SPELLING GOOGLE LIKE GOOGLD ASDF


hopefully this wasnt too depressing

19 thoughts on “MyMall Suggestion

  1. i regret getting blue braids and not blonde braids 😥
    1. I couldn’t match it that well without pbh
    2. blonde braids was sold at min but blue braids was sold at 3,500 gold
    I’m so sad

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