MyMall Suggestion

I wished we could have a record of all the items we’ve sold and bought, just so I could see clearly what worthless items I’ve spent a ton on in the past. I remember, when the Lucky Bot was still a new thing, I bought Teacher’s Pointer for 25,000.


My daily routine after remembering how much I spent on that little piece of metal

I still remember the days when Teacher’s Pointer, Magical Frog Wand, and Rubix Cube were all worth at least 8,000 and not the minimum.

But I don’t feel alone because I know one of my friends who traded a celebrity crown for the rare rose headband (I think it was sammydew2 cough cough).

I’m also kind of curious of how much Gold I’ve spent in total (probably a lot), and how much Gold I’ve attained from selling items (probably not a lot). It’s kind of like stats for nerds on Google. <– I KEEP SPELLING GOOGLE LIKE GOOGLD ASDF


hopefully this wasnt too depressing

19 thoughts on “MyMall Suggestion

    But I’m not the one keeping you company..
    I’ve never wasted that much Gold cuz I’ve never had that much Gold.

  2. i regret getting blue braids and not blonde braids 😥
    1. I couldn’t match it that well without pbh
    2. blonde braids was sold at min but blue braids was sold at 3,500 gold
    I’m so sad

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