Room tour??

Hey guys! sorry this isn’t Fantage related.. but if you want to see my room tour, click me 🙂

It will take you to my life blog where I post… life… related.. posts 😀

If you dont like life related posts, stick to this blog 🙂 you can see my virtual house tour instead lmbo (laughing my butt off. Tryna keep it PG here guys LOL).


if you’re interested in my life (that sounds very stalker-ish LOL)… then subscribe to Britney’s Blog!


9 thoughts on “Room tour??

  1. Cloud, I’ve been trying to contact you in every way possible.
    I’ve emailed you, commented on your posts ( a lot) and even left a message on your xat.
    Please answer me. >.<
    Do I have to fill out another application form? since you just recently made a new one, I'm not sure if I have to fill out that one again, or if I don't have to since I had already sent you one. I would be applying as an artist/ editor.

      1. Oh, Ty ! That’s a lot of help. I did reply to it though, and I sent you a picture of two more pictures of custom edits I’ve done. I also sent you another email asking the question you just answered.

          1. I don’t even understand o.O
            where’d you get 5 outfits from.
            I said that I sent 2 more custom outfits.
            Check your email again? I’ll send it again

              1. are you sure? either you didn’t see my email, or I didn’t get yours. could you resend? sorry for the inconvenience. I searched your email through my inbox, but I couldn’t find it.

              2. Your’s or my emails don’t seem to get through, which is strange. (I sent you several but you didn’t seem to have gotten any, or maybe it’s just me and I didn’t get the replies)
                Here’s the picture, you can just see two more custom edits I’ve done because I changed my style.

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