Funny Search Terms Tag!

Alright, this is a tag that I am attempting to start! (LOL I hope people will actually do it, or else this would look stupid xD)


  • Take a picture of your blogs search terms from the past 30 days
  • Choose 3-7 of your favourite/funny search terms from ALL TIME! (and comment on them)
  • Nominate 5-7 people

(read the bottom of post for more details)

Past 30 days

Anyways, let’s see what people searched for (past 30 days) to get to my blog!

w1 w2 w4w3 Favourite Search Terms

Now here’s the funniest ones from all time..

1)Fantage boy with kik (LOOL sistaaa, you trying to get a whun in real life?)


2) naked manga (how, how did you search this and get to my blog?? the closest you can get to that are naked Fantage bases xD)


3) tumblr pretty girls photography (ROFL, sorry, here at Fantage Spy we only got kawaii baked potatoes).


4) fantage bae tryouts are bad (You tell em!)


5) if you have a whun on fantage how do you tell him that i need a liitle space (OMGG maybe I should add an advice page for whuns ROFL)


6) fantage bullying blog (dis is a bully free zone!)


7) how to play fantage on kindle (when your parents want you to start reading but you still tryna find a way to get to fantage LOLOL)4

Okay there are a lot more, but those are just a few funny one’s I found!


To see what people searched for to reach your blog, go to Dashboard>Site Stats>Search Engine Terms

Or, insert your blog URL into this link:


Just replace the bolded pink with your blog address!

I nominate…

  • Minitricia
  • Colourfulshadows
  • Ameee
  • Kitty1929
  • Blizz
  • ANYONEEE tbh. So if your eyes are reading dis very sentence, I CHOOSE YOU!!! (don’t pretend you didn’t see me 😉 )

~cloud82 ❤




20 thoughts on “Funny Search Terms Tag!

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  2. Ooo thanks for tagging me
    I just checked and majority of it is like anime omg
    //my blog is a weeb attraction

  3. hey, the link doesn’t work. it doesn’t work for other people as well, you should fix that
    blizz99 said you could do it by clicking wp admin > dashboard > then I clicked site stats > then I scrolled down to search search engine terms then I clicked ” summaries” and it should pop up
    I think that’s more helpful than the link…

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