Why Did You Pick Your Username/Blog Name? Tag

Thank you minitricia for nominating me! I think other people nominated me too, I just don’t remember who- sorry 😦

Why I chose cloud82

Alright, so why did I choose cloud82 as my Fantage username?

To be honest with y’all, I don’t have a cool back story. Because I have no idea why I even chose that username… I don’t even think I was the one who thought of it!! LOL.

All I remember was that I was in grade 4 or 5, and our class was in the computer lab. And so like usual, when my friends finished their work, they would play this game known as Fantage, and I would play Poptropica (my Poptropica username was ‘Purse!’ lool).

So basically they played that game for ages, and one day.. they forced me to join (Fantage) CRI. The first day I joined I remember my friend had this cool golden dress (rare item) and I had the purple version (and I was mad because I couldn’t get the golden one LOLOL).

I also remember, Fantage was VERY empty. Everytime I logged on, it was just me and my friends (and like 2 other people).

Alright that’s my “How/Why I joined Fantage”. Sorry its unrelated to how I chose my username, because honestly I’m pretty sure my friends chose it for me xD

Why I chose fantagespy.wordpress.com

Now here’s the story on how I chose my blog name!

It twas’ a dark and stormy night LOL SIKE

Birds were chirpin, inspiration was floating in the air.

So at first, probably nobody knew this, but my blog was “secretfantage.wordpress.com”. I wanted my blog to be about the secrets of Fantage, however after a few months I realized that Secret Fantage didn’t make that much sense.

SOO, I transitioned to Fantage Spy, which kind of has to do with my previous theme of “spies” and “secrets” and “agents”. Even now I feel like changing my blog name to something like “Fantage Mag” (as in magazine). That’s because my blog is pretty much unrelated to Fantage secrets, and spies, and stuff. It’s more like a fashion magazine, with fun parts to it!

Anyways that is all for now 🙂

I will nominate: 

ღ silver ღ



❀ ♬ Sarah ❀ ♬


Anyone who hasn’t done this challenge yet!







7 thoughts on “Why Did You Pick Your Username/Blog Name? Tag

  1. Ohh that golden rare dress! I remember that my friend had it and I was so surprised to see it (didn’t know there’s orion rares that time) And I’m like ”WOOOOW YOURE A MEMBER NOW??”

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