Getting scammed irl


Getting scammed (scammer vs innocent person)

P1: Hai, hair ft?

P2: Ya sure!

P1: Want this skirt?

P2: Ooo yus!! *o*

P1: oki I don’t go first though

P2: hmmm. okay I can go first. But I’m recording…

P1: OK! *evil laugh* (whispers to third wall: this isn’t my main account heheh)

P2: Oki, I’m recording. Say hai~ to Youtube! *holding video camera*

P1: Hii, I dont skam!! ouo I promise : )

P2: Kk ready?

P1: yus yus

P2: *Takes off wig* *hands to P1*

P1: Ty! imma give skirt now

P2: oki

P1: …

P2: ?? HELLO???? U THERE?????? why aren’t you moving. Hello?? you’re blinking!! i can see you!!!

2 hours later

P1: OH sowwie I just froze. 

P2: dude.. i saw you.. blinking….

P1: Imma post now. Ready?

P2: mhm

P1: GO!!!!!!!!!!

P2: o oi.. its not there… I mean, you’re still wearing your skirt.

P1: oh well, maybe someone else got.

P2: no- you still have it.




*is bald* *holding video camera*



Well, that’s all for now!

Comment below funny Fantage situations in real life ;D




11 thoughts on “Getting scammed irl

  1. At Q-Blast –
    Me: I’m ready to play Q-Blast!
    Comp: Laggggggggg
    Me: -_________-
    Comp: *finally loads*
    Me: Yes!!
    Comp: *freezes*
    Me: Damn it -.-
    Comp: *unfreezes* *bombs*
    Me: What!? *refreshes*
    Comp: //server full
    Me: *refreshes 100x*
    Comp: //server remains full
    Me: 0% tolerance, *nearly flips computer
    Comp: //server finally open
    Me: Woo! *goes to Q-Blast
    Comp: *starts cycle of lag again*
    Me: NO!!! DON’T DO THIS TO ME!
    Comp: lag 100x worse than before
    Me: o_________________________0
    Ok, that was a pretty stupid skit whatever you call it, but it’s basically what happens to me ALL THE TIME. xD

    1. OOhh, sorry about that!! I didn’t mean it that way 😦 I wasn’t trying to say that all members are mean. It was just in this situation. But if it offended you I’ll take it down. Sorry again!

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