Your eyes are weird.

What is normal?

*note that “eyes” in this post may be symbolic*

I’ve been struggling to grasp on to my identity for years. To me, I think that on Fantage uniqueness can be seen by the things you wear, and, your eyes.

So back in the Trade n Sell days, the purple misty eyes were trending, so I got them because it made me look popular.

Now what’s normal are the Cute eyes. Yeah they’re fine, I like them, but deep down I was still prefer the Cheerful blue eyes.

So, after all these years, I finally decided to come out of this safeguard society created for me. I tried to grasp on to my identity.

I got the cheerful blue eyes (booyeah, haters back off LOL)

And I walked into Star Cafe (more like glided on my superficial pixelated hoverboard)

And these 2 girls started making fun of them and told me I looked weird and “alien” like. They told me to get the normal eyes. The socially accepted ones.

At that moment my self esteem went plummeting down and in my head I was like “hell nooo. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten these weird eyes”.

Maybe I should get the normal ones.

The socially accepted ones. 




9 thoughts on “Your eyes are weird.

  1. Just be yourself. It’s just pixels, so wear whatever you want. Who cares if the eyes are different, I mean, in real life, there’s way more variety, so there isn’t really a “normal” that you can go by. It’s not right to judge someone’s preferences, so don’t give your time to worrying about Fantage society’s opinions. You are perfect because you’re who you you really are. ;P

  2. Who cares about trends?
    In fact, you might even become a trendsetter by being different.
    And how do the people in Star Cafe even have time to make fun of people’s eyes? Don’t they have better things to do? -_-

  3. Wait who actually makes fun of people’s eyes?
    I have the giant weeaboo eyes and I’ve been to the star cafe to watch the world burn all of the time, but no one comments on them.

  4. who the hell cares what other people think lmao it’s just pixels
    plus, when you started wearing the cheerful blue eyes I saw A LOT of other people starting to wear them too so you kinda started a trend I guess xD

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