Flowy Ribbon Hair | Styled it

Screenshot_27 Hiya! I’m gonna style Flowy Ribbon Hair today~ Wow look at the amount of ribbons on the hair! Imagine wearing tons of ribbon on your hair in real life, people might look at you in a odd way…well unless you’re in Harajuku, Japan!

Cute and Girly

Flowy Ribbon Hair is kawaii and girly looking, wearing cute dresses or skirts suit the best! Colours like pastel, pink, white or purple gives a cheerful and cute touch to your look.


Fancy Schamcy

Attending a party or prom? No problem! I mean why not have fun and wear a tons of ribbons on your hair? I prefer wearing dresses in a darker colour, so that the hair stands out. Wear silver accessories or sparkles to complete your look 😉


Casual Everyday

A plain top, jeans, sneakers or sandals will do.. ya know casual wears. Black or white coloured clothing are best to start with.



  • Wear only one pattern clothing in an outfit. I do not recommend wearing more than one pattern clothing with this hair because it’ll look messy.
  • Wear simple head accessories. Head accessories are great for cover-ups, but some doesn’t work well with this hair, eg: pbh, ribbons or huge head accs.
  • Wear simple or dainty earrings. A huge and detailed one will make your outfit look messy.


Click here for more styling tips on the new rare items!

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Flowy Ribbon Hair | Styled it

  1. I like it how it is. Seriously why is everyone hating on this hair and saying “ohh it would be sooo much cuter if it was THIS or THAT or BLAHBLAHBLAH”

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