Valentine’s Day Event 2016

Do you have a date yet? because I sure do. In fact, I have a whole bag of dates! they’re dried and pitted.

Here, take a peak! (personally I think they’re quite hot.. however sometimes they can be quite dry :/ )


LOL anyways, its that time of year again. For some, it could be a time of joy and love. For others, its a whole new meaning. Staying at home, with the bae- Netflix.

Yup. It’s Valentines Day 2016 (on Fantage)! ❤


Limited Items

li Get Limited Item(s). Unless you just want one, then get a Limited Item *coughgrammar* rofl.

Let’s take a lookie look at the pricing *crosses fingers that I can afford them*


(cough “Absoultely” stunning)

The prices are pretty reasonable… except they can only be bought in Gold! (Total: 9,500 Gold )

Cries. I mean, I’m not crying because I have Gold, but my tears go out to everyone who don’t.

But I can gift some items to people! ❤




LOL, you must only gift to this unknown person named ami_yang123… or else!!!

Anyways this will pop up when you click “GIFT”, but only for the first second. This happened in the previous event too. Its like she came to replace loutusrainx0xo haha xD

Anyways, I found out who she actually is… want to know? I’ll tell you in my next post! (click here to read it)


You can gift to people if you have Gold! however if someone already owns the item, you can not send them a gift (I tried sending one to Lavender but this popped up):


Event Info


Basically as of Feb 4, we can…


  • collect PRIZES


prizes(click image to enlarge)

Prizes include 5 new ones! the rest of the prizes were also used in last year’s event.

How to play/get prizes

So in order to collect prize(s), your team must win. (You are put onto a team when you log on.) You are either put on the HEART team, or STRAWBERRY. 

And your team must collect stamps by searching for them around Fantage! whichever team collects the most stamps WIN!

And when you win, you log on the next day to collect your prize 😀

I think non members get to choose 1 prize, where members can choose 2.

My advice for you is to log onto all your Fantage accounts (if you have more than 1). This will increase your chance on getting prizes 😀


Click on the huge pink board with the stats on it to check out how many stamps you collected, which team you are on, and how your team is doing!

(you can also click on the bird icon on the left side of your screen)


As you can see here, team Strawberry is currently in the lead with the most stamps!

I will be posting outfit ideas, locations, and more secret info soon 🙂 so stay tuned! ❤



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