Maroon Valentines Set | Styled it

Screenshot_9 Hello! Today I will be styling the limited item set from Valentine’s Day Event 2016. I named this “Maroon Valentines” since majority of the colour is maroon and it’s from a Valentine event. Make sense right? xD Let’s get started!

Valentines Hair with Headband

This is a lovely hair I’d say, suitable for any occasions ^^  You can always cover up the headband with some other head accessories if you think it doesn’t match well with your outfit.


Maroon Top with Pink Dots

Since this is a crop top, it’ll look nicer with high waisted pants or skirts. Here’s some tips for wearing crop tops.


White Skirt with Maroon Trim

Well this is a high waisted skirt, wearing it with a crop top work best. It looks extremely weird with tee shirts anyways.


Thanks for reading!


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