Chinese New Years Outfit Ideas!

Aye, Chinese new years is around the corner (Feb 8)! Let’s show some New Years spirit on Fantage by wearing Chinese themed/inspired outfits~

What to wear

  • Color scheme: Red, yellow
  • Asian themed items
  • A natural colored hair (for a more authentic vibe. But feel free to rock a pink wig)



3 Outfit Ideas


Comment below if you celebrate Chinese New Years 😀 if you do, what does your family usually cook?

and will you be gettin that red cash pocket LOL


40 thoughts on “Chinese New Years Outfit Ideas!

      1. WAIT YOU VIETNAMESE? SAME! Well, half Vietnamese and half Chinese. My parents only taught me Vietnamese though, since my dad was born in Vietnam but wasn’t Vietnamese. So since he lived there he learned to speak Vietnamese but not Chinese…..

        1. EYYY I’m fully Vietnamese, too! 😮
          Chuc Mung Nam Moi… I remember having to dress in the really uncomfortable ao dais for the tet celebration at my church…

  1. Yeah, we celebrate Chinese New Year with a whole group of people… and it gets kinda awkward because all the kids know Chinese, and I’m like… I wish I hadn’t given up on the language as a kid, now I hafta learn it in highschool. TnT

      1. Ni Hao
        //awkwarly walks to corner and cries about childhood.. all that free time and little ol me didn’t have the smarts to know Chinese would help my future

  2. we eat rice for chinese new year
    also, i’d change it to brunette hair, because asian hair is either brown or black

    1. Mhm, it’ll give your look a more /asian/ vibe
      But then I didn’t want people to say anything racist by being like “oohhkay so u saying blonde people can’t celebrate? HM???”

  3. Hmmm
    The kids have to say stuff like, (I use Traditional Chinese) 大吉大利,花開富貴,笑口常開,步步高昇⋯⋯
    And then we get red packets.
    And we always have dinner at Chinese restaurants with our relatives, with chicken and soup and noodles and fried rice…
    Yeah, CNY is a big thing here.

  4. Ugh I bet all the racist kids at my school are gonna go up to me and all the other Asians saying “gung hay fat choy” in the worst American accent ever lol

  5. We just had a feast yesterday :/ so we eat like regular Chinese food plus me eating chips -_- and literally my parent give me $8. SERIOUSLY 8 DOLLARS lol

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