Why the Cruise doesn’t move


it’ll fall off the face of Fantage


look at the map, then you’ll understand why


21 thoughts on “Why the Cruise doesn’t move

  1. Fantage is like
    This place where logic doesn’t even exist like
    Fantagians just look like forever fetus babies that can change their eyes and are permanently bald and posses the ability to ride/tame things so they can stand on them forcing them to bring them to places because we are all lazy and this has gotten too deep too fast ;0;

  2. I just imagine that Fantage was… unintelligent (?) enough to put the boat close enough to the shore that it couldn’t get out. xD But I mean… *pushes boat off edge of Fantage*

  3. Aha, reminds me of that post where there’s no wind in the Star Cafe and the flowers were moving xD
    imagine if the Cruise did fall down… It’ll just sink like the Titanic, along with all the mice–

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