Fantage Games In Real Life

Sorry, this week’s gonna be busy, but I’ll take some time for this post. 😉

First, let me make a quick introduction!  I’m Annabeth (chbannabeth1) and I’ll be your new Game Host on Fantage Spy!  I’ll be posting about games and holding contests (with prizes) whenever I feel!  I look forward to working on this blog! 🙂

King Me – simple: Checkers

Mad Math – some sort of game your teachers would use for math -.-

Dance Fever – those games you can find at arcades where you jump around and stomp on all the arrows when they hit a certain point on the screen xP

Secret Adventure – jungle explorer kinda person (civilized Tarzan?) XD

Memory Mix-Up – just another memory game… that I always lose at

Magic Pop – just imagine deadly balls bouncing around trying to squash you until you’re as flat as a pancake (don’t take that sentence the wrong way)

Candy Swap – I think this is similar to games such as Candy Crush or other switchity-matchity games.  ;P

Totally Tubular – I don’t know why I would go rafting with all those rocks, deadly fish, and seagulls to harm me. :\

Jelly Shuffle – shuffleboard (I’ve never played, but I see it all the time in movies lol)

Bullseye – I totally feel like Katniss!  Jk jk, but it would be cool to do some target practice with a bow and arrow.  Am I right, or am I right?

Wack-A-Veggie – the games you can find at any amusement park, festival, or arcade.. where you hit things (and then use the mallet for hitting annoying siblings instead of the game)

Word Up – I can’t remember what the game was called, but I see it a lot in kids’ movies. XP (A little Yuki~chan reminded me that it was called Scrabble.)

Boxy – If those boxes all dropped, everyone would be fired.

Wild Slinger – my first thought: Angry Birds!

Tropical Tangrams – a geometric puzzle that I find really easy

Mouse Out – OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! jk (maybe)

Fruit Stack – connect four… with fruit (Jeez, what if I wanna eat those apples and oranges instead? smh, wasting food)

Where In the World – Geography Bee (something I am TERRIBLE at)

Rocket Board – Sure, let’s all ride roller coasters with our skateboards, I’m sure nobody will get hurt!  Oh, and lets add cones, spikes, and cars while we’re at it!

Type Boo – I can’t type for my life if that many ghosts invaded… o.o Help.. me..

Fish Fish – You know, I’m surprised I can actually catch this many fish in a minute!  Oh wait,… and some massive sharks… and a crab with a chest?  Awesome!

Check Mate – another simple one: Chess

Art Smarts – I can’t stand this… I just wanna look at the pretty pictures and move on.

Slide n’ Splash – Wow, that’s a really dangerous water slide… I bump my head too much, but if I don’t bump my head, then I won’t go fast enough to have fun.  -___-

Buzzer Beater – because I can only shoot it into the hoop from 2 spots

Snack Tac Toe – I’m sorry, we can’t play, I don’t know where the pieces went. *swallows*

Go Cart – I’m gonna win this race!  Whoo!!  Hey, wait, the lanes are blocked, get outta my way! *somehow jumps over cars* (I think that’s a bit… risky.)

I didn’t do all of the games, so feel free to leave suggestions below!  I’ll be doing a contest soon when I have free time, just a heads up, so keep a lookout for that!  😉  Anyways, have fun on Fantage!  Hope you enjoyed reading my first post!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



19 thoughts on “Fantage Games In Real Life

        1. Well, I guess quite a few people can go by Annabeth on Fantage, but I guess my sign-off at the bottom gives it away lmao. And I didn’t realize my typing was so… me. 😉

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