New home!

New strawberry theme home!! its so cute and fairy tale like 😉 (except that tractor in the background ruined the vibes..)

Here it is:new home

My first impressions:face


its not just me right??

Like you know when you see a car, you also see a face on it (or is that just me)..

anyways, here is the inside of the face



there were 2 windows on the outside, and only 1 on the inside


but then again there are corners in spongebobs circular pineapple home.


Things dont need to make sense xD


8 thoughts on “New home!

  1. AAHHH i see the faces on cars toooo
    like the two glowy thingies are eyes and the thingy is the mouth.
    i see different facial expressions
    and polar bears and hamsters…

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