Sequin Diva Set | Styled it

Screenshot_47Came up with the name for this limited item set~ Sequin because the sequin skirt obviously, Diva because the hair reminds me of one of the member from a Kpop group, 2NE1. Don’t know much about Kpop so idk what’s her name..


Ash Blonde Ponytail

This hair is easy to style since it’s in a neutral colour and there isn’t any huge accessories on it. I’m going for a more elegant and classy look.


Black Crop Top With Bangle

I realized that Fantage keeps making crop top lately. Tip for styling crop top.


Gold Sequin Skirt

Ohh yes Sequins! This is definitely a wardrobe essential. Sequin skirt not only can be worn to a party, but can also be worn as a casual wear. To achieve a more casual look, wear: sweaters, denim shirt or plaid shirt.


Thanks for reading!


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