Happy Valentines Day

This might be a day late for some of you? Sorry..

Anyway, if I had to be totally honest, the only time I actually liked Valentines Day was in elementary school when the whole class had a party and you had those paper bags people put candy in…

Now time for some history on Valentines Day :^) Just kidding I won’t talk about it because it really isn’t a happy story among other thingshappy valetnines

Little valentines day clean sketch for you guys ❤

//please ignore the hands…

Happy (late) Valentines Day~

Don’t worry I’m single too #lonerforlifebutnotreallybecausewhoneedsboysamIright?Improbablywrong


19 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. The hands are still better than mine… I just draw stubs.
    Stubs are cute anyway.
    (I can only draw chibis I can’t draw bigger people)

    1. //beautiful scrubs
      You’ll be able to draw bigger people one day
      //I believe in you
      tip: creepily study the people around you like I did to learn their anatomy bc what is dignity

    1. wut box
      I got into a fight with this guy during passing period and I stole his skittle and after an argument we were at the opposite side of the hallway pelting skittles at each other and were late to class
      RIP the skittle I didn’t get

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