Twin with yo boy friend!

And I use the term “boy friend” loosely because many of you guys do not have whuns, however you MAY have a friend that is a boy, right?

If so, sometimes its just fun to twin with people

Like just stand there wearing your friendship bracelet

and to other people, look like “friendship goals”, but really you just added a random dude and decided to twin with them LOL

jk jk who does that? not me

Let us start 🙂

bf1.pngWear a colorful hair and match up with him/her! wear similar colored items to finish off the twinning look 🙂

bf2.pngDoes he got a purple suit on? match him by wearing a purple dress!

bf3Match up with a same colored top! and the rest? just keep it casual.

bf4Dress in the same color scheme as your buddy. Either it be rainbow, black n white, etc.

I would do more, but my guy account got hacked and the person took a lot of key pieces : O

Which look was your favourite? comment below!



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