Q-Blast Anyone?

UPDATE: We did end the game with only 4 people who played.  Thanks Misspiggy, Mangos, and Kellzy for playing!  You each get 500 gold including tax!  Since we only played a few games, I managed to get one picture, sorry it was after Mangos got disconnected.

Thanks again for playing!  It was fun! 🙂 Back to the annoying first server for me. xP

Since I’m bored, I thought we’d play some Q-Blast as soon as we get 5 more players! 🙂  I’ll be giving everyone who plays 500 gold as well.  😉  Whether you’ve played or not, let’s have fun!

To be honest, almost everyone on the normal server is bugging me.  They keep creating games then quitting before anything’s started and all this other stuff I don’t wanna deal with.

So, here’s some rules, just to make the game more fair and fun!  🙂

NO trap cubes – these are annoying, seriously.  Let’s not play with them to make everything fair.

DO NOT quit if you don’t like your team – It’s rude and quite time-consuming if everyone keeps leaving because their teammembers aren’t on a high level.  If the teams are uneven, I will host another game.

Those are all the rules, I’ll be hosting games and changing up the teams every once in a while so we can get different games.  It’s ok to use different avatars if you want, let’s play fair!

We will be playing on Shadow Hawk at Q-Blast, just the 5 who sign up first and myself.  We start whenever we get all 5 and end whenever everyone is tired of playing.

If someone signs up then wants to leave, I’ll be open to give the spot to another person. 😉

I’m only going to leave 5 slots open because each game only holds 6 players.  Sign up now and you’ll get 500 gold for playing!

  1.  Mangos
  2.  Kellzy
  3.  Misspiggy

Any questions go in the comments! 🙂  I’m all fired up! ;D

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. I’ll try to take pictures and I’ll put them in a separate post.

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