#FantagestyledIt1 Vote!

Thanks for everyone who participated in this! I finally decided to end it.

Here is a collage of all the entries 🙂styled111

So basically I asked people to style the Ying Yang skirt, create an outfit, as use the hashtag #FantagestyledIt1.

Vote! (read carefully)

  • Now is the time to see who’s outfit is the best 😀 simply comment below the number of your favourite outfit (only vote for ONE look).


  • Even if you participated and your outfit is featured above, you can vote as well! (even for yourself, if you think you did the best).


  • Dont just vote for your friend because you want to be nice haha. Just vote for whoever’s outfit you like the most!


  • Vote for the best outfit in your opinion. Dont get distracted by the value/popularity of their items, just base everything on how well they styled the skirt.




Let the voting begin (in the comments section!)


47 thoughts on “#FantagestyledIt1 Vote!

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