New blog theme~

Do you like it?


I know i know, it is very pastel.

So pastel, it’ll burn through your corneas > :- D

What I used:

output_LWpFrPGIF on sidebar for status updates!

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_15kmhkbt578gkw04k4wgoc408_640 Background from Tumblr

header4 Header made on Photoshop CS2 (bahaha too cheap to buy the newer version lool).




11 thoughts on “New blog theme~

  1. I love the new blog theme! It’s so springy and relaxing! This gives me hope that spring will come soon. Also, could we meet sometime on fantage? I admire your blogging so much and you imspired me to create my own, so I would love to meet a fellow fantagian! If so just contact me saying when your free ~ Mercedes1980

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