Styling the new sweaters!

Heart Sweater


❥This sweater is slightly cropped, so wear high waisted bottoms

❥Be careful when wearing patterned clothing with this sweater- too much patterns may give your outfit a messy look


  1. Style this sweater with neutral colors for a very effortless look! try to go for a warm chestnut brown, or faded blonde hair.

peachy copy

2. Go peachy and pastel! you know, wear colors like beige, white, light brown, and anything pastel for a cute look.


Sky Blue Blouse with Scarf


❥This sweater is also cropped, so match with high waisted bottoms!

❥Do not accessorize too much. The scarf on it already adds enough to the look. Just wear some earrings

  1. Wear this top with any plain, high waisted bottom. For a fancy look, wear a long plain skirt!


Have fun styling this! 🙂


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