TBH: The Star Cafe

Hi! welcome to the Starbucks Cafe. Here at our Cafe, there are no chairs, because we know you can’t sit down! (your legs forbid to bend that way).


There also isn’t a menu, because Fantagian’s cant eat anyways. They have no digestive system 😮 so if food goes it…. well, it never comes out..

but still, for some reason we have coffee and donuts on display (just to make yall hungry).

Oh and, hello! I forgot to introduce myself.

I am the Star Cafe owner. I’ve actually been here since the start of Fantage, with my arm holding up that cup of coffee.

Fun fact: my arm has been up like that for 8 years and I have developed some ripped arms.

Now I forgot to tell you about how many Fantagian’s come in everyday!!

It varies from 1000-10,000. Mainly girls that wear little to no clothing, and the f-boys.


Anyways thanks for stopping by the Star Cafe! basically this is a place to chill, jump around, sing songs, and slap people!

P.S: I do not recommend bringing in your laptop or homework. This place gets quite reckless with all those crazy hooligans saying rude things!

and dont forget about those bushes…


~Star Cafe Lady




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