My Thoughts While Playing Q-Blast

I guess this would be kind of a relatable post for Q-Blasters, but here’s what goes through my head during games, or just before games.

So… I wonder if we have a ghost this time?

How can games play with 8 people?

How come sometimes it glitches and becomes like 4 vs 2?

Am I the only one that bounces constantly?

Seriously… I wish I could be typing/talking during these games, I mean, really, these people need to know my reactions.  I’m ridiculous.

Oh gosh, they’re chasing me and I got like no power ups!!

My team members all got bombed and now all 3 of the other team are surrounding me with their trap bombs… -.-

MY CAR!!!!!!

Hey, did you seriously just steal my power up? Hmph!  Oh wait, and you just died after you stole it!  That could’ve helped meeeeeeee!!!

Lalalala, I don’t have an idea what I’m doing, just pressing the keys… omg, I survived!

Ok, sorry this post was so quick.  I just got back from my break from school and they’re already piling on the homework (which wasn’t unexpected) and I’m having trouble posting a lot.  I’ll try to post less about Q-Blast. xD

Comment below some more of your thoughts while playing!  They can be just as quirky as mine… or serious if you must.

On that note, anyone open to playing?  I have about 10 minutes to spare – so about until 12:05 FST, first server (Blueberry Bobcat) if you’d like to come. 🙂 ENDED

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥



15 thoughts on “My Thoughts While Playing Q-Blast

  1. LOL YESSS SUPER RELATABLE~!!! I can relate to all except the second.
    I also thought it would be cool if we can type during the game xDD
    I’ll be like “HEY! WHY DID YOU TAKE MY CAR?? YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE!!! sheesh”

    1. Ohh. Have you ever played with 8 people? It’s really weird, because there’s an even number so the game can start if everyone clicks ready… but there’s no room so everything results in chaos.
      Omg, people have like friggin max power (yes, sometimes I keep track) but they steal all the ones I’m running towards, or like you said, the car thing. XD

        1. I don’t think I would be surprised if there were 6 people lol. Tbh I find most games boring if there’s less than 6 unless the opponents are like the same level so they don’t beat me in 10 seconds but don’t die in 10 seconds either… or run around the whole time, placing 1 bomb every time I get close.

          1. lool. If im on my laggy computer with the broken arrow keys, I rejoice with less than 6 people xD
            or else my screen will play in intervals of 3 seconds. next thing you know there are bombs on the entire face of the map and you die LOL

  2. My constant thought that I think ALL THE TIME:what?why the **** is it going to the right?! I’m pressing the LEFT key!!!!!*checks which key I’m pressing* yep,left.Ugh why does this always happen to meeeeee!? Waaaaaaaah TnT

  3. oh my god i hate it when my teammate always takes my car when she/he ALREADY has one
    like omg we are trying to win here but you’re not apparently letting me take any powerups
    im always really generous and i leave out the power thing for my partner when i already have max power

    1. I always protect power ups for my teammates (unless an opponent starts rushing towards me) and SOMETIMES but not usually they save power ups for me… I hate when they steal speed or cars when they already have a car…

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