Scam the scammer

I see people do this all the time and they think its okay.?! no offense but that also makes you a “scammer”. Like, if you still don’t understand, here is an extreme example:

You get stabbed. The person who stabbed you is violent.

You or your friend decide to stab the person back to be fair or have “revenge”/payback.

Does that make you violent?


So its the same concept! if you scam a “scammer”, you still scammed.

Even if you scam to get your item back, you still got it by scamming/trickery.

Not okay 😦

Dont be on the same low level as a scammer!

Just wanted to say that because I literally just saw someone at MyMall do this.

And tbh, what you’re doing wouldnt stop scamming. You’re literally promoting scamming as being “okay”.

Here’s another example:

Angelwish12 scams you (lets say your user is User1).

Then you, (User1), scams Angelwish12 back to get revenge, or to get the item back.

Angelwish12 then tells her friend that you scammed her, but does not say the entire story.

Her friend then scams you or one of your friends.

Your friend scams her or one of her friends.

BAM Wold War 3 on Fantage.

Everything goes into a downward spiral of revenge just so you can become on equal terms, however this usually just creates more mess.


~cloud82 (I doubt anyone read the entire thing lool)


23 thoughts on “Scam the scammer

    1. yeah and they end up taking more than the item that got scammed from them..
      trust me, I’ve seen this too.
      People just feast off on someone’s account and take everything (even though the scammer might have only took 1 item).
      Then the people be like “oo well you deserved it” *-*

    2. Wow, ikr. First of all, hacking is illegal, and second, it’s just plain out wrong. No matter how angry you are, it’s still a game, still pixels, still an item you can get back with patience. I’d assume hacking is quite complicated, and it’s something with even less moral than scamming, smh.

  1. I agree with you and fairycari…
    When someone makes a post about them being hacked by someone, that’s OK because they’re just warning people about that person. But when they’re like “UGHHHH U GUYS GOTTA TEACH ME HOW TO HACK PLZZZZ” or something like “hehe don’t worry guys, I’m scamming her back
    Let me know what you want me to take from her/him >:)”
    That will only make things a whole lot worse… Just no…

  2. //agree so much
    one time I tried to argue with a person who said that but accidentally types a wrong word and got banned LOL

  3. True! You’re basically being a hypocrite if you’re scamming the scammer. In no way is it for the “right/good intentions” but more on the side of greed. Sure, you worked hard for the item, but it’s your fault for falling for the trickery in the first place, you have no right to the item any more. The least you could do is decently ask for it back or accept your mistake, move on, and hopefully get the item again but cheap-ish.

  4. Uhhh am i the only that disagrees. I won’t go to the extent to hack them but still it’s still wrong to do nothing. It’s like saying that someone stabbed you and you’re just suppose to walk away calmly and do nothing to them. Or someone killed your friend and you just ignore the person that killed her/him. -.- Revenge is a part of life. Deal with it. Sometimes it’s the only thing that can quell your anger.

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