1 Direction is here!

Jk, its the Fantage version of One Direction with 3 members (that look kind of like Harry, Louis and Niall LOL).

Let’s check out the event!



#OMG- 5,000 Gold

#BRB- 2,000 Gold

#BFF- 5,000 Gold

#BAE- 10,000 Gold (dayumm. This shirt is technically worth $10, since that’s how much it costs to buy 10,000 Gold)

#OUO- 4,000 Gold

#LOL- 5,000 Gold

#SWAG- 8,000 Gold

#YOLO- 5,000 Gold

#FAN- 3,000 Gold/6,000 Stars (non members can buy with Stars!)

Music Note- 1,000 Gold/ 2,000 Stars  (non members can buy with Stars!)



To access the bottom blue area of the stage, you need to be wearing a new shirt.

To get access to the orange parts of the stage, you need to be wearing one of the shirts that require GOLD to buy.

If you dont have enough currency to buy the shirts and you still want to enjoy being up on the stage, here’s a tip! (mhm, I got chu girl).

How to get on the stage without the new shirts

  1. Stand at the entrance
  2. Click on Enlarge screen e1
  3. Now click anywhere on the stage, and wa-la!

e2 *if ya loved me you wouldnt have smacked me with your speech bubble cri*



Get a medal by buying a shirt that’s on the big screen:


//poor guy, #BFF killed him.

Outfit ideas


Hair- Old Daily Spin item (Hot n’ Cool Style Hair)

Top- Le Shop 900 Stars/eCoins (Black Rocker Shirt)

Shorts- Recent prize item (faded red shorts)

Shoes- Le Shop 350 Stars/eCoins (sleek boots)

Board- Orion’s Rare Finds (sparkling platform)

Bracelet- Le Shop 880 Stars/eCoins (Stud Bracelet)

Earrings- Recent event (Black Gemstone Earrings)


Hair- Recent prize item

Top- Recent prize item

Pants- Le Shop 900 Stars/eCoins (flower power pants)

Shoes- Le Shop 1,500 Stars/eCoins (blue sandals)

Board- Orion’s Rare Fins (Music note board)

Body Accessory- Recent prize item

Earrings- Orion’s Rare finds (silver hoops)

More outfits from me and Selena!



6 thoughts on “1 Direction is here!

    1. It does, you might be doing some things wrong.
      1) Make sure no chat boxes are open
      2) Dont click anywhere outside your screen when trying this tutorial
      3)You need to be positioned on the right spot of the pink carpet

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