Fantage Staff: Brainstorming

*I know Fantage Staff are actually young people in their 20s or so. But for the purpose of entertainment, I made them into 50 year olds LOL*



Fantage Staff 1: OK guys. We need to think of a new event for the kids. C’mon, ideas? ideas??

Fantage Staff 2: Umm, what do kids like nowadays? 

Fantage Staff 3: Well my niece likes this boy band called 2 Directions?

Fantage Staff 1: *face palm* I think you mean, ONE direction..

Fantage Staff 3: Oh, right. That.

Fantage Staff 1: OK any more ideas?

Fantage Staff 4: Well my kids are always using this word called a “hash brown”. Which I’m pretty sure is a breakfast potato..

Fantage Staff 1: You mean a Hashtag…?

Fantage Staff 4: Yeah- YEAH! THAT THING! a hashtag! 

Fantage Staff 1: Okay well any more ideas? so far we got 1 Direction, and hashtags.

Fantage Staff 5: Well what is some hip slang words kids use?

Fantage Staff 2: Bae! my grand children love that one. They call their friends bae’s. I think that is quite cute.

Fantage Staff 1: Nice one, any more words guys?

Fantage Staff 4: Yolo!! that word appears everywhere. I see it on girls tanktops! they even used a hash brown with it like #YOLO

Fantage Staff 1: A HASHTAG. GET IT TOGETHER! but hey, that’s a good idea.

Fantage Staff 3: You know how we say Oh My God? well I think they kids say OMG. 

Fantage Staff 1: EXCELLENT! We are going to make SHIRTS with these popular slang words! it will be #YOLO #OMG #BAE

Fantage Staff 2, 3, 4, 5: Let’s do this!


3 days later…




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