Outfit Ideas for Summer Concert~

Hello lovely people,

Today, I’ll be showing some outfits and giving  tips on what to wear to a summer concert or music festival~ Concerts or music festival are awesome to go to doesn’t matter what time of the year. Just imagine seeing your favourite artists or bands performing while singing your lungs out with thousand of other people.

These outfits are coachella inspired!



»Let down your hair or tie it into a ponytail or a braid! Hairs with hat are great too~



»Wear flowy top, crop top, or bohemian style tops.

»Here are some examples of top, you can find most of them in LeShop! Some are from recent events.



» Wear shorts, cute flowy skirt or maxi skirt.

»Some examples of bottoms,all of them are from LeShop except for black and white shorts. Maxi skirt with colourful patterns gives a bohemian look to your outfit~



» Wear sandals, or comfy boots~



» Wear bangles, dangle earrings or flower crowns to complete your look! Gold or white henna tattoos are the bomb but sadly these doesn’t exist on Fantage :’)



» Music theme, earthy, feathery board or magical looking boards like these suit the bohemian look we’re going for.



Have you been to a concert or music festival before? Share your experience! I personally have not been to one, but hopefully will in the future 🙂 Comment your favourites!


Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas for Summer Concert~

  1. In September I went to see my favorite band, One Direction in concert. It was my first concert, so I got treated to a hair appointment, where they washed my hair, and did some type of braided crown. A few days before, I had made home made T-Shirts, with plain white T-shirts and fabric paint. I also made posters. When it was the day of the concert, I literally had butterflies in my stomach the whole time up to when they came out on stage. I waited five years for this and it was finally happening. In March I was so sad when Zayn left because he was my favourite, and I waited five years to see the boys but particularly him. Then he left, and I cried for a week. I love Harry now. Anyways, as soon as the boys came out, I let out of it out and just started crying ( which my dad recorded) it was the perfect moment. The only bad part about the concert is that I couldn’t really jump up and down, because the river was flowing, and it was a 3-4 hour concert and I didn’t want to miss thing. Anyways, I had a great time. After the concert, I just couldn’t believe that I had just seen my boys, and I am still in denial about it. But the pictures being me back.

      1. Yeah, it was the greatest experience in my life! Hey I was wondering if we could meet up on Fantage some time? I saw you at Q blast a few days ago, I said hi but I dont think you saw me.

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