Last TGIF Post (From Me)

xD  Sorry, I seem to always make at least 3 posts when it comes to events… invite, reminder, and aftermath.  xP

Anyways, the games are still going, but I had to leave (Ikr such a bad host lol) so Cloud is taking over!  Here’s some pictures!

We surrounded Tristan (Lurke/Luke/Luka Puka).  There were.. more of us lol.
Congrats Trixie!
Orange!  One of my toughest themes! (So many lanterns! ;D)
Congratulations, once again, Trixie! xP

So that’s all I got before I left.  As previously said, Cloud is hosting the rest of the games!  Maybe later will possibly be Book it or Bucket or Q-Blast.


Lilac Lemur – Now

I had fun playing with you all!  Thanks for coming!  I enjoyed your company! 🙂

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

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