Cute Outfits!

Hey friends! So recently I’ve been making new outfits to post on my Instagram account (@fantage.selena100) and Cloud suggested I should share them on here so that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. These were mostly made in the photo booth because I’m poor and I have nothing, but that’s okay! I just love looking at the beautifully designed pixel clothing and accessories. So let’s get started!

image   imageimage   imageimage   imageimage   imageimage.jpeg   image.jpegimage   imageimage.jpeg   image.jpegimage   image


I hope you like them! They took me a long time to make because I wanted all of them to have a unique look to them. My favorite outfit is probably the very last one because it’s something I would wear in real life, and I think it looks very springy and cute. I love the red and yellow put together, and the dots go really well with the sunflower in my hair.

Questions: Which one is your favorite?


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